The Luxury pet hotel market is booming. People can’t seem to get enough royalty when it comes to their dogs. Nothing is too good for your pooch, but some of the amenities at these expensive palaces might be pushing it!

Here are six of the world’s most luxurious pet hotels::

1. The Barkley Pet Hotel — Los Angeles

A stone’s throw from the L.A. Four Seasons hotel, the Barkley offers all the amenities of its renowned neighbor — and more. Offering individual fur-dying, stenciling, or a bejeweled “pawdicure”. Pampered pooches get to stay in rooms on Rodeo Drive. Your pup can get surfing lessons at Barkley Beach.

The luxury suites at the Barkley feature individual climate control, flat-screen televisions, webcam access, custom furniture, and piped music. There are swimming lessons for residents with personal swim instructors, and fully trained animal masseurs. You can even order a steak from the Four Seasons menu.

2. Canis Resort — Munich, Germany

With dog lodges designed by noted architects and a main building created in the Bauhaus style, the Canis places the emphasis on ambience, wanting to create a unique, restful, organic stay for your pooch. The dog lodges at Canis Resort have individual runs. Canis Lodge also offers grooming, physiotherapy, and wellness sessions.

Expertly trained dog-sitters are on hand to see to your hound’s every whim. They not only provide the usual grooming and exercise regimes, but also offer physiotherapy and wellness treatments, which involve an initial 90-minute therapy session followed by orthopedic and neurological analysis.

3. Pet’s Dream Park Hotel — Taipei, Taiwan

If you’re a little jittery about leaving your beloved canine pal in the care of strangers, the Pet’s Dream Park might be perfect for you. They have an extensive series of webcams set up so you can track your hound’s progress no matter where they are or what they are up to. You can even get the feed on your cell phone. Stylish air-conditioned rooms are offered at the Pet’s Dream Park Hotel along with group playtime. Each furry little guest gets her own room with AC, plus there’s an indoor sports field and a swimming pool.

4. Actuel Dogs — Paris

This swanky logement du chien is on the outskirts of Paris, so you could expect the emphasis to be on food. At the Actuel, dogs are treated to fine cuisine, and then they can work it all off with a series of bespoke exercise activities including hiking, biking, and jogging.

The Parisian owners also want to make sure there’s a pragmatic French side to their endeavor; they have steered clear of the more extreme fur dyeing and nail-jeweling elements of some of the more notable pet hotels.

5. Beverly Hills Hotel

If you have a doggie diva who needs to be appeased, then the old Hollywood style and luxurious surroundings of the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel might be ideal for you and your pup to enjoy the Canine Connoisseur Program.

In one of the famed bungalows that have housed stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich, your own personal four-legged starlet will be treated to a freshly-baked doggie bone, with his name iced onto it, plus Beverly Hills Hotel-branded bed, bowl, and even a pink tennis ball.

While you’re there, it would be rude of you not to sample the spa, the famous Polo Lounge bar, and one of the many pools.

6. D Pet Hotel — New York

Your mutt will have to be dragged kicking and howling from this swanky New York City oasis of luxury after experiencing the suites with designer Kuranda dog beds, flatscreen TVs, three private 6,000-square-feet dog parks, a luxury boutique, and chauffeur service that will collect your pooch in a Ferrari, Bentley, or Rolls-Royce.

As well as a spa featuring massage, aromatherapy, detoxifying thermal wraps and calming music, you can also use the custom doggie treadmills and even a personal trainer.